Onwards to Athens!

Flight from Barcelona

For the first time in a little while, Dylan and I packed up our bags and headed to an airport rather than a train station. We ate some food and waited for our flight to Athens where we would be meeting up with Norm and Cole.

The flight ended up being delayed about 45 minutes, which wasn't too bad since we didn't have any connections to make. But we also had another funny hiccup in our travel when we discovered that someone on the flight had a ticket with the exact same row and seat number as Dylan. Luckily, the flight wasn't full so we all ended up with seats!

Here's our photo to document the reunion with Norm and Cole in Athens!

We shared a cab from the airport to the apartment we had rented. (Norm and Cole had already been in Greece for a few days and were way over the public transportation here.)

Our apartment is located just a stone's throw away from some of the ruin sites and really close to the acropolis, which was pretty neat!

Even beyond the location, the apartment was pretty nice in some ways - it had a good back patio and a cool door hidden behind a staircase - but the bathroom was a disappointment. The reservation paperwork ensured that toilettries would be provided, but we discovered that the only thing in the bathroom was a bottle of bubble bath.

After checking into the apartment, we explored just a little bit - enjoying the sunset - while heading to a spot for dinner.

These ruins, which are covered by plexiglass, are just in the middle of one of the squares. It's pretty impressive how much the modern city is built around ancient ruins.

By this point, I was really hungry and very excited for some Greek food! (Cole had been sending us some photos from the first part of their Greek travels and what I noticed most was the delicious looking tomatoes that were on all the plates that they ate.) With my level of excitement, I failed to take a picture before I started eating. So instead, here is a photo of the plate that originally contained a Greek salad that I devoured. As you can see, no tomatoes were spared.

Luckily, Cole was better at taking food photos than me (although, as you can see, he didn't take a picture of his yogurt kebab plate until he was part way done). Here are the pics that he took!

We explored a little more of the main touristy square and nearby ruins. We also found a great gelato place for some dessert. This place does gelato to the extreme - they have more than a dozen different types of chocolate and candy covered cups and cones. But most importantly, they have really tasty gelato!