Bangkok Day 3

Wat Arun

We started off our second day by seeing the major temple we had missed so far, Wat Arun, or the Temple of Dawn. This was the temple that we could see from the restaurant on our first night.

Before we headed to the temple, though, we had breakfast. Steph checked another soup off the list, Tom Yum Kung!

After a brief pitstop back to the hotel (recall street food from night before), we took a ferry over the river to the Wat Arun.

The "main" part of Wat Arun is this big white stupa complex.

There is also a little park outside of it with some statues. Here is a cool view.

Also, the Wat Arun had the "normal" temple part, which had some pretty cool statues.

Phra Sumen Fort

After Wat Arun, we decided to go up and see Phra Sumen fort, which ended up being a bit far to walk in the heat, but we made it. We had hoped for craft beers once we got there, but the bar was actually not open for a few more hours (the internet lied to us). Slightly demoralized, we still enjoyed the fort.

Luckily, the fort had a water taxi stop right next to it. After some time trying to figure out how to use it, we ended up on a water taxi back to our hotel.

Dinner and Drinks

To reward ourselves for another long day in the heat, we headed up to our hotel rooftop bar for a couple of cocktails. Tasty, and we got to finish off the day where we started it, admiring Wat Arun!

After our drinks, we went to a restaurant called Err nearby the hotel. It had Thai craft beer, great cocktails, and excellent food. Steph looked it up after and found it was a more "rough"/"urban" second restaurant opened by a Michelin star chef couple!

Here are our drinks, I had the beer and Steph got the cocktail. Both great.

We started with this picked green mango salad, which was a mix of spicy, green mango, and fish sauce flavor. Surprisingly, very good.

For the main meal we got chicken satay, which had a killer peanut dipping sauce, fried squid which came with a home-made chili sauce, and a pork curry on an egg custard (not pictured). All outstanding.