En Route to Barcelona

Goodbye Madrid

We got up this morning and had one more mediocre free breakfast at our hotel before heading to the train station. The train station was impressive from the outside and on the inside! We were thinking that the main part of the building would be filled with train platforms, but instead it was like a forest.

The train was quite nice too. I finished a few more posts for uploading later.

Hello (Rainy) Barcelona

From the train station in Barcelona, we transferred to the metro and then walked the last bit of the way to our hotel. Our hotel is very, very minimalist, but it's located in the center of the Gothic Quarter - really close to La Rambla, a cool square (Placa Sant Jaume), and a lot of good restaurants.

We were really, really hungry by the time we finished checking in, so we ventured to a quick-service pizza place that was just around the corner from our hotel. It was starting to rain a little bit, but we found a covered spot near the Barcelona cathedral to eat. The pizzas were delicious!

As we finished up our pizzas, though, it started to pour - like moonsoon in Railay, Thailand pour - which we were not expecting at all.

We figured we could pick up some snacks from a store and hang out in our hotel to wait out the rain for a bit. Unfortunately, the only place we could find open on a Sunday afternoon was a health foods grocery store. The options weren't great, but we found some decent looking cookies and a screw-top bottle of wine, since we didn't have a bottle opener.

Turns out the cookies were terrible! They were so bad that Dylan checked the packaging to make sure that we hadn't accidently bought dog biscuits. They were, in fact, human cookies. But we decided to just stick with the wine.

Dylan decided mid-wine that it was naptime. Eventually, once the torrential downpour ended, I convinced him to wake up enough to adventure around the city for a little bit.

It was a little hard exploring for the first time at night, but we found a to-go noodles restaurant (Barcelona is great for an eclectic mix of good international food) and ended up finding a place to eat said noodles and chill near this cute lobster statue by the water.

This was another cool but less cute statue that was near the water too.

We also found our way to some old buildings, fountains, and the Christopher Columbus monument at the end of La Rambla. The moon was peaking through the clouds, making for some cool views at night!

Eventually, we headed back to our hotel for the night and got ready to take Barcelona by storm in the sunny weather predicted for the next day.