Dublin Day 2

Jameson Tour and Tasting

The airline/airport had lost Suzy, Randy, Grayden, and Cole's luggage, so they were all sans bags. This made everyone getting ready in the morning really easy. It's not hard to get dressed and ready when you don't have any choices. And Dylan and I don't have many choices either with our limited clothes.

We had decided that today with be a day of touring (drinking) our way through Dublin. We started off with a tour and tasting and the Jameson Distillery.

Our tour guide, Aoife, was really enthusiastic and very Irish, as her name suggests! This is her telling us about the distillery and some shots from our tasting.

After Jameson, we made our way toward Guinness Storehouse. The Jameson tour had a pretty high production value, but the Guinsess Storehouse was like Disneyland. There were six floors, I think, each with their own theme and activities that taught us about the beer and its brewing process.

One floor was all about Guinness advertising through the years, which made for some good photos!

The most impressive thing that we learned was that a guy named Michael Ash came up with the idea of putting Nitro in Guiness to make it creamy in the 1950s. Dylan thought he deserved more than just a small photo and one sign.

We also got to experience beer foam printing! Elin made sure that we got the full Guinness experience of having our photos taken and then printed with malt ink on our beers. Here's the printer and results! (It was really cool but also a little weird drinking our faces.)

We also got to watch a performance that included a drummer and Irish dancers in between our beer tasting.

The very top floor of the Guinness Storehouse was the "Gravity Bar." We got some great views of the city from here!

To help counter all of the beer drinking, we also ate lunch at Guinness. I had a really tasty beef stew made with Guinness beer of course!

It was Dylan's family's first day of vacation and they were ready to go all in...so we went from the Guinness Storehouse to a very new Whiskey Distillery called Pearse Lyons for another tour and tasting.

This distillery was built in a church that had been deconsecrated and fallen into disrepair. The owner had the church rebuilt...with giant potstills inside! It was very cool looking but also a little odd seeming to me.

We made a quick stop back at Jameson, since we had been given drink vouchers that we hadn't used yet. Then, it was off to dinner at a highly recommended place called L. Mulligans. The food was delicious and we ended up joining their monthly trivia competition! Sadly we were no where close to winning, but we didn't come in last at least!