Dublin Day 3

Harry Potter Bathroom

I thought it would be fun to share some photos of the bathroom in the VRBO where we were staying in Dublin. Elin fittingly described it as the Harry Potter bathroom since it is legitimately underneath the staircase. And as you would expect for a bathroom underneath a staircase, it was tiny. You can't even stand in the shower with your elbows out to the side! It made showering quite the interesting experience!

More Adventuring...and Drinking

After everyone had managed a shower in the Harry Potter bathroom, we headed out to the center of Dublin with plans to check out the Teeling Distillery and Trinity College. On our way, we got to see a lot of cool buildings and statues and the famous, super tall spire.

Eventually, we made it to Trinity College, which was beautiful!

Trinity College houses the Book of Kells, which is an illuminated copy of the Gospels from 800AD. We weren't allowed to take photos of it, but it was amazing to see! And I did get to take some photos of other old "pocket"-sized Bibles that were on display.

We also got to explore and take photos of the library, which had a ton of really old books, busts of famous Irishmen, and the oldest harp in Ireland!

From Trinity College, most of us picked up some sandwhiches to go and ate in a nearby park. (A seagull was clearly eyeing my sandwhich as I took this photo.)

While we were doing this, Randy and Grayden met someone from the airport to get their bags which had finally made it to Dublin! Yay!

Meanwhile, the rest of us went to check out St. Patrick's Cathedral which was nearby. It had a lot of stained glass inside and was beautiful inside. It also is the place where Jonathon Swift (who wrote Gulliver's Travels) is buried.

Afterwards, we met up with Grayden and Randy to tour the Teeling Distillery. Like Pearse Lyons, they actually do their distilling on-site in Dublin.

Here was our guide Naimh (prounced Nave, or Meev according to Dylan). We are learning that Gaelic is not spelled how it sounds!

We learned that one of the owners filled a barrel of Whiskey on each of his daughter's birthdays and named the barrels after them. On their 18th birthday, they will get a barrel full of 18 yr old Irish Whiskey!

We got a whiskey tasting with our tour, but then also tried an amazing caramel cold brew cocktail made with Teeling Whiskey. Yum!

I think the long day and whiskey tasting got to Randy, Cole, and Grayden at a certain point.

From Teeling, we did a little more exploring, checking out the outside of Dublin castle. We also came across a building that had scenes from Gulliver's Travels carved into it!

We finished off the day with a bit of bar hopping, based on the recommendations of the bartender that we talked to at Pearse Lyons, the day before. The first place we went was really open with a great atrium, and the second was like a circus tent indoors!

At Suzy's request, I also got some more photos of all of the beautiful flowers hanging in front of restaurants. They really made the city of Dublin pretty!