What Should Have Been Santorini Arrival...

...But Instead Was Mostly a Ferry Day

We had to check out of our apartment rental by noon, but our ferry from Athens to Santorini wasn't scheduled to take off until 6pm. So we decided to put our bags in a storage locker near the metro so we could eat lunch and adventure around Athens a little bit more without bags.

We ended up going back to the restaurant that we went to on our first night in the city. It was tasty and on the more affordable side in this touristy area. I couldn't resist getting another Greek salad, but I also got a small kebab pita this time!

After lunch, we checked out the Flea Market. For the first part of the market, we walked past a lot of touristy souvenir shops and shops selling cheap, knock-off clothes. Eventually, though, we came across some pretty authentic flea market stuff. We figured Suzy and Elin would have really liked looking through the stuff here.

From the flea market, we came across a new, big Greek Orthodox church right next to a small, old one. We got to go inside both and compare the two. There were definitely some elaborate decorations in the new one.

This was the statue out front.

After a couple hours of adventuring and seeing just about everything of note, we picked up our bags, caught the metro to the port, and found our huge ferry which was already docked and ready to board.

The ferry seemed very cruise-like in many ways. It had a reception desk where we picked up a key to the four person cabin we purchased. (They give you the option to pay just for deck space rather than paying for a seat or cabin. But it was less than 20 euro to go from sleeping on the floor to having a bed in a cabin, so we opted for the cabin.) It also had a restaurant and couple bars on board. But it was also missing all of the cruise luxuries. There was no swimming pool or shuffle board or free food to be found!

Still, it was pretty nice. We all sat on the back deck for a bit, before Norm and Cole decided to go to the cabin and try to get connected to some Internet. On deck, Dylan was reading and I was doing some posting work. After a while, we started wondering why we hadn't left port yet. At first, we thought maybe the boat was running a bit late. But it kept getting later and later, with no movement. Eventually, we found out that the ferry was officially delayed for four hours due to the bad weather that had cancelled our last two ferries. So our eight hours on this ferry suddenly became at minimum twelve.

The delay was a headache in terms of having to reschedule our check-in time with our apartment in Santorini and our taxi from the port to the apartment. But in a lot of ways, it gave us more time to sleep in our cabin beds before showing up for a day full of activities in Santorini.

After watching the sun set on our boat still in port, we headed below deck for a little more reading and posting before calling it a night.