Glencoe Day 2

Ballachulish Slate Quarries

Dylan and I were pretty tuckered out from our hike the day before, so we decided to take it easy today. There was another hike through a valley that we were interested in doing, but I read online that it involved a section of scrambling up rocks and was quite dangerous - as people had died from falling off the trail. So even though it was rated "medium" difficulty in comparison to our hike the day before, we decided to pass and opt for an "easy" walk through the old slate quarries in the small village of Ballachulish where our hotel was located.

Here's us with a cool wooden marker at the start of the walk and some views of the sides of the quarry and lake that had formed at the center.

We also got to check out this arch/ramp that was built in 1822 to transport slate. The miners would use two carts connected by a rope pulley system so a full cart at the top of the ramp could be sent down and pull an empty one back up at the same time.

I really liked that there were flowers and moss growing in and around all of the slate!

We also did a bit of a nature walk nearby. Once the trail started getting boggy, though, we turned back and headed to lunch at a cute cafe in the Ballachulish visitor center.

We got speciality hot cocoas (Oreo for Dylan and peanutbutter for me) with our sandwiches. They ended up being somewhat ridiculous sugary messes that included poprocks on top, but they were pretty tasty.


We spent the rest of the day enjoying our great reading nook and a bottle of wine that Elin had bought in Ireland (or maybe Scotland?). We were bequeathed it when all of the wine drinkers in our group had luggage that couldn't fit another bottle. It was quite good. (Thanks!)