Travel Day to Hanoi, Vietnam

Seoul Airport

We got up early to head to the Seoul airport. We had a bunch of extra won to spend, so we decided to get our fill of Korean food before we got on the flight to Hanoi. Luckily our tummies didn't get too angry.


After a five hour flight, we made it to Hanoi! We dropped our bags at the hotel and then ventured out to nearby Hoan Kiem lake.

And we visited the Temple of the Jade Mountain on the lake.

On our way back from the hotel, we stopped by St. Joseph's Cathedral.

And we got pho for dinner, of course! It was tasty...especially after we added some super spicy red peppers for heat!

After only a couple hours of the heat and chaotic streets of Hanoi, I was ready to call it a day and head back to the hotel. We enjoyed the sunset from our awesome balcony!

Our step count for the day was 15,382...not bad for a travel day I think!