Travel Day!

Ho Chi Minh City

After just two days in Hanoi, we departed for Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon. It wasn't quite as hot and chaotic as Hanoi, which was a welcome relief at first. But we surprisingly found ourselves missing the chaos of Hanoi after a little bit.

We spent our first day eating and drinking and exploring.

We saw the "Avenger's Tower" building on our way to the Ben Thanh Market.

We were bombarded with lots of requests to buy stuff at the market, but we avoided any attempts at haggling.

Near the market, we ate some pho at Pho 2000, which apparently Bill Clinton ate at. After the egg coffee in Hanoi, we decided that we were essentially on a presidential tour of Vietnam.

Next, we went to check out the first craft brewery in Vietnam, Pasteur Street Brewing. The food and beer at this place were so good that we didn't mind that they charged US prices. We may have even returned to this place the next day...

This was the view from the rooftop patio

From the brewery, we walked through the center of District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City, seeing some of the main sites

Like this statue of Ho Chi Minh

And the Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon

And the old Post Office

My favorite, though, was watching a super cute (and pretty fat) wiener dog run surprisingly fast around a banh mi cart

Next, we tried another craft brewery, Bia Craft, that wasn't as good as Pasteur Street Brewing. But we got a great view of rush hour traffic from where we were sitting on the second floor.

We were pretty tired and decided to head back to our hotel, but we explored the night market on our way.

And we discovered that the "Backpacker's Street" that our hotel was on had turned into something resembling the Las Vegas strip on steriods after the sun went down.

People were selling all kinds of crazy foods on the street, like these dried squids

But we opted to buy some ice-cream filled "fish" from Circle K that we enjoyed back at our hotel instead. Yum!