Ho Chi Minh Day 2

Morning Exercise

We started off our second day in Ho Chi Minh with a little exercise at the park near our hotel.

War Remnants Museum

After attempting to keep our arms in shape, we headed to the War Remnants Museum, which documents what we know in the US as the Vietnam War.

We hadn't eaten anything yet and had to take our malaria pills, so we went to the tourist-trap cafe outside the museum. The food looked good, but it wasn't all that great. Every other meal on our trip has been a success so far, though!

Here we are at the museum! They had a bunch of old planes and helicopters outside, which was pretty cool.

The mood and message of the rest of the museum was much more somber, though. It was really interesting to get such a different perspective on the war than what is taught in US history classes.

They had a guillotine that was used during the war on display, along with a lot of pictures and descriptions of war crimes that were committed in this war of "American aggression."

Afternoon Exploring

After the museum, we lightened our moods with a walk to the bright pink Ta Dinh Church.

And after eating a not-so-tasty-banh mi before the museum, we decided to check out the banh mi stall that was featured in the Netflix Street Food show. We knew we had found the right place when we came across a bunch of people on motorbikes stopped in front of a small cart in an alley.

The cart owner didn't speak English, but luckily one of the other customers helped us order and pay. The banh mi we got here was delicious!

After eating our banh mi, we visited the Ngọc Hoàng Pagoda. And we hung out with some giant catfish in the pond out front.

On our way out, we came across one of the many outdoor barbers in Ho Chi Minh. Dylan didn't want to cheat on his amazing hairstylist though.

We ended our day with an amazing dinner at a restaurant recommended by Cam Ly, one of Dylan's relatives who we met in Sweden but is originally from here. It was a great rec! And we had to skål/cheers to Kevin and Marie, who just got engaged back home!