Kilkenny Day 2

Castle Time!

We debated just hanging out in our cool house for the day, but we ultimately decided we should drive back to Kilkenny to do some more exploring. Suzy and Elin ventured off to go shopping, and the rest of us started with the castle! This castle is Victorian, so a lot different than the other ones we had been visiting. We didn't go inside, but we really enjoyed checking out the exterior and giant park behind it.

It's not a great pic, but if you zoom in on the next one, you should see two guys practicing hurling in the park!

We also walked nextdoor to this building, which was originally the stables. We found that it had been converted to a bunch of shops and predicted that Suzy and Elin would probably end up here. When we met up later we realized that we were right!

Then, we ventured along some streets with beauitful flowers (a staple in Irish towns) toward an ice cream shop that we had seen the day before. The place was called scrum-diddly, and we saw a bunch of people walking out with giant cups of ice cream called "scrum tubs."

I suggested to Dylan that we should share one, but he looked appalled at the thought of that. Everyone ended up getting their own concoction. I ordered the Scrum-noffee (which was banana toffee flavoured) and Dylan got Rocky Road.

It started raining pretty hard soon after we got our scrum tubs, so we ended up eating while huddled under an awning. They were delicious but waaaayyyy too big.

Thankfully, the rain cleared up pretty quickly and the sun came back out. We've definitely been experience a lot of on-and-off rain the last few days. This seems much more typical for Irish weather than the consistently beauitful, dry weather we had our first week here. But I think we've been dealing with the rain pretty well!

St. Canice Cathedral

After eating as much ice cream as we could, we ventured to a cathedral at the edge of town. It was beautiful, especially with the sunshine and blue sky.

The graveyard had headstones marking the graves of members of the Smithwick family, which is the family that owned the brewery we visited the day before.

We got combo tickets to go inside the church and belltower, which is one of the oldest medieval round towers in Ireland. We were told that a school group was coming to visit shortly so we should climb the belltower first. Turns out that climbing the belltower was quite the experience!

It started with a little girl named Abby who was climbing down the tower and clearly having a meltdown over getting down the stairs. She insisted to her mom that she couldn't make it down the stairs herself but needed a piggyback ride. She wasn't very little and the stairs were super narrow and precarious, so piggy back rides were clearly not an option. Luckily the lady working at the tower stepped in and slowly coaxed her down, step by step.

Once Abby and company got down and received cheers from everyone waiting, we were all able to go inside and begin our ascent up stairs that were much more like ladders than anything else.

After the last ladder, there were a few small, sketchy rock stairs that led us through a hole onto the top of the tower. The views from the top were incredible! As you can tell from Grayden's hair, it was a little windy!

When it came time to head back down, I realized that going down was going to be much scarier than going up. I started to understand Abby's meltdown. Dylan documented the beginning of my descent.

On my way down, I noticed a bird's nest in one of the tiny windows!

After surving the tower, we looked inside the church which had some good stained glass.

Next, we ventured through the picturesque streets of Kilkenny to Brewery Corner. We didn't have much time before we were scheduled to meet up with Suzy and Elin, but we managed to share a couple pints.

Our designated meetup place was The Dylan Bar. Can you guess why Suzy wanted to go there?

Dylan wasn't thrilled about going to a bar that shared his name, but he was a good sport and took a photo from across the street and then one up close. The whiskey flights here were quite good.

Our last stop in Kilkenny was an Indian restaurant that had been recommended to Suzy and Elin while they were shopping. It was so tasty!

When we got back to our place, Dylan helped me set up some pages for posting and we enjoyed some R&R time as the sun went down. The views from here really were incredible!