Onwards to Limavady

The Minibus!

After our miserable Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai minibus experience, I had hoped to never see or ride in a minibus again. But it turns out we rented one to drive around Ireland! The stick shift + driving on the wrong side of the road + tiny Irish roads makes the minibus driving a little precarious. But I would take Randy's mini bus driving over our Chiang Rai mini bus experience any day!

We were en route to Limavady today, but we made plans to visit Suzy and Elin's cousin Spencer in Belfast and then check out Bushmills Distillery and Giant's Causeway on the way. We also saw lots and lots of sheep in pastures on the way.

Driving to Belfast was interesting because it is in Northern Ireland, which is still part of the UK. All of a sudden, you started seeing the Union Jack instead of the Irish flag.

Here are some photos, courtesy of Suzy's phone, of the mini family reunion!

After lunch with Spencer and his wife, we headed to Bushmills Distillery. It's an enormous, working Distillery. We weren't allowed to take photos during most of the tour because of the active machinery. But we got to see all of the distillery and bottling, which I thought was really neat to see.

From Bushmills we headed to see Giant's Causeway which is an area along the coast where a giant lake of lava cooled into hexagonal columns. I thought it was incredibly beautiful and loved the opportunity to stretch my legs after eating and drinking our way through a lot of Ireland.

I had fun taking photos of everyone in the area with the most lava columns.

But then we ventured further to hike up a cliff and walk through some beautiful countryside.

After we had our fill of Giant's Causeway we drove to our "Glamping" site in Limavady.

Here's a picture of one of the available toilets at the camp site. We all chose to use the other indoor bathrooms that were available as well.

We went to a local grocery store to pick up some food for dinner. By the time we ate, it was dark (the sun doesn't set until after 9pm here!) and we were super hungry! It was cold but we had a good campfire and got to experience the Irish outdoors to the fullest!