Goodbye Glamping

We only had one night of glamping, so we packed up in the morning and got ready to begin the next stage of our trip. Before we left the camp ground, though, Dylan and I checked out the nearby river. The people that own the camp ground also rent paddle boards and canoes for the river. As you can tell by our dress, we were not ready to go paddle boarding!

Onwards to Donegal County

Casey's Viking House Hotel

We had been talking about heading to the town of Donegal next. After re-consulting the reservation for our next accomodation, though, we realized that we were actually headed to a very remote part of Donegal County. The drive was a little brutal, but we had some great views like this one along the way!

We were all happy when we made it to where we were staying, Casey's Viking Hotel. It was a cute, family-owned and operated place with beautiful views of a bay. Once we got our rooms, we adventured out for a walk...and some photos.

As we were walking we came across a bridge where kids were jumping into the water and swimming. We were pretty bundled up, but for all of the locals, it was a beautiful summer day and perfect for swimming apparently.

From the bridge, we continued our walk over some rocks and onto a beachy area with an old boat washed up on shore.

As we were getting ready to head back, we realized that tide was rapidly coming in. Dylan and I were impressed in Railay, Thailand with how big of a shift there was in water level between high and low tide. But turns out that it's similar here. We literally saw the water inching across the sand, filling up where we had been walking. We hightailed it back to our hotel just in time to avoid wet shoes. We celebrated our avoidance of high tide with a beer on our hotel's patio.


When we were eating lunch at the hotel, Randy asked what there was to do around where we were staying. We found out that it happened to be a big festival week in a small town called Dungloe that was only about a fifteen minute drive away. We decided to check it out!

We started out with a round of drinks at a very Irish bar that was established in 1778. Here's my efforts at getting a pic with the sign out front.

And here is the view from the bar's back patio!

Dylan got a little cold sitting in the shade. We haven't dealt with any rain yet, which is pretty unheard of for a week in Ireland. But it has gotten cold at times.

After our round of drinks, we headed to the recommended restaurant in town which had an attached, semi-outdoor bar area. We ended up having to wait a really long time for dinner, but we got to listen to live Irish music at the bar while we waited. We ended up coming back after dinner, and Suzy and Randy were brave enough to dance.