Donegal Town En Route to Galway

We got up and said goodbye to our beautiful views from Casey's Viking House Hotel in the morning.

Donegal Town

From the hotel, we started our drive to Galway with a planned stop at Donegal town. Donegal has a big castle, which we visited. Castles are to Ireland as temples are to Southeast Asia. There are a lot of them, and they can blur together a bit. But Randy has made sure that we are seeing some of the best!

Here's some pics from Donegal Castle. You can decide whether Cole or Dylan wore the throne better.

This was the castle's garderobe (aka toilet). The opening for waste was angled so someone couldn't sneak up underneath you and shoot you in the bum. That's some important medieval engineering!

After visiting the castle, we also spent some time in the town, which was very quaint. Suzy and Elin had been jonesing for some shopping, and Donegal had a bunch of shops! Dylan and I got some scones, which we ate in the center square.

As we were about to leave, Dylan noticed a walkway out from our parking lot towards the bay. He decided to run out to take a look. He ended up finding a graveyard and ruins from an old abbey! So we took a little extra time to do some last minute exploring and photo taking.

From Donegal, we continued on our drive to Galway with one more stop at Parke's Castle.

Here's Dylan doing an archery reenactment for me!

And here is where all of the castle's doves lived. They used them for sending messages and if things got desperate, they also ate them.

The castle had a sweat house. Dylan checked out the really small opening. Then Randy really checked it out.

We still had quite a drive from our second castle to Galway, but our fearless and tireless driver and navigator continued their excellent work to get us there safe. (I've been very lucky to enjoy nice views in between the occasional car nap.)