Adventures En Route to Blarney

Dunguaire Castle

We packed up all of our stuff in Galway and got on the road pretty early. The main thing on our agenda for the day was visiting the Cliffs of Moher, but one of Ireland's top rated castles, Dunguaire was on the way, so we stopped there first.

This castle was a private residence up through the late 1900s, so it had some modern additions like a garage and personalized touches, which was interesting to see in comparison to some of the other castles.

We were also able to walk around the top of this castle. It was a really narrow walkway in some places, but we got good views of the surrounding area.

Cliffs of Moher

From the castle, we drove a little further to the Cliffs of Moher. Everyone got out of the car and started piling on layers of clothes. It wasn't raining (yet), but it was really windy. I was very grateful to have my thick jacket, and felt validated for dragging it around 100 degree weather in Southeast Asia for six weeks.

As we started walking toward the cliffs, we came across a really cool sign that included the symbol for the Wild Atlantic Way, which is the road around the coast of Ireland that we had been doing a lot of our driving on. Elin is on the lookout for a shirt with the symbol on it.

We also came across some shops and a visitor center which had been built into the side of the hills next to the cliffs. I thought it was really neat how everything was constructed.

The spot right by the visitor center has arguably the best view of the cliffs (and another sign with the Wild Atlantic Way symbol). The cave that you can see at the base of the cliffs here was featured in the Harry Potter movies!

After enjoying this view, though, we decided to adventure along the cliffs, first to the right and then back to the left of the visitor center.

As you can kind of see from the photos, the pathway in most parts is right along the cliffs. When gusts of wind blew, it was pretty scary to me! Suzy was the first to get adventurous with her photo taking. Randy made sure she didn't get to close.

Part way into our walk, we came across an area of rocks jutting off from the cliffs. This was clearly the risk-takers photo spot. Randy, Grayden, and Suzy ventured out first and Cole joined them.

This photo is courtesty of Cole's phone.

While they were taking their photos, Dylan and I hung back and checked out some rocks from a very safe distance.

Here's some more photos of the first half of our adventuring along the cliffs.

We could have walked for miles in the direction we were headed, but we turned back so we could see the views from the other direction as well. We ended up coming across a pool of water and the guys found a place to take a rest.

While they were taking a rest, Randy and Suzy facetimed Mormor to show her the cliffs. That's some modern technology at work!

The weather started to turn so we got a couple more pics and then headed back.

As we were walking back it started raining. It wasn't too bad at first but by the time we were leaving the visitor center to head to our car, it was pouring! Not Thailand Railay monsoon pouring but enough to get you pretty soaked.

I had my first Irish coffee when we stopped for lunch to help warm up. It was delicious! The restaurant we went to was famous for their fish and chips. We almost all ordered it. It was huge portions, but we ate almost all of it!


After lunch, we continued our drive to Blarney where we were staying. Elin found a great hotel for us to stay at. When we looked up what there was to do in Blarney, though, we found out that there is a castle and the world's largest Irish shop, which was located in an historic mill...and not too much else.

Pretty much everything in the small town was closed by the time we got there, but we still took a quick walk around. It definitely checked all the cute small town boxes.

Also, we got to take advantage of our first hotel gym! All of the beer and whisky and brown bread with butter has been weighing me down, but I still managed to get a few strained pull-ups in.