Onto Islay

Travel Adventures

This was a big travel day! We headed out from Glasgow to drive three hours to Port Kennacraig so that we could then take a three hour ferry to Islay, which is an island off the west coast of Scotland known for scotch.

Of course, it started to downpour right as it was time to leave Glasgow, so we started off our drive with wet pants and shoes! Dylan was very nice and didn't complain when I took off my (slightly stinky) shoes and socks to let them dry.

The drive was quite the harrowing experience at first because of the weather. But we survived! And we discovered that there is an Irvine in Scotland. This is the closest Dylan has gotten to driving to work in a long time.

The drive ended up being a really cool experience. The weather slowly improved and we got to see some great nature. Because of all of the rain, there was a lot of water flowing from the sides of the road. And after driving through so many pastures in Ireland, seeing some trees was exciting.

By the time that we made it to the port, the weather was beautiful, which was especially nice because the ferry doesn't run in bad weather.

Eventually we saw our ferry arriving in the distance. As it got close, the front of the ship started to open up, which was very unexpected. It was like a mouth, ready to spit out some cars and eat the next ones.

We drove onto the ferry when it was our turn to do so and then left the car to explore the rest of the ferry. Cole quickly found his ideal nap spot, but Dylan and I ate lunch and then found a section of the ferry with nice seats for reading. I also did some spying on the cute pupper in front of me.

Once we made it to Islay, we drove to the very small town of Bruichladdich where our rental was located. The rental was right on the water and had windows with great views!

There was absolutely nothing open in Bruichladdich past about 5pm, so we drove for about 15 minutes to get to the nearest restaurant. It was a pretty fancy place with good food. I got tea, which came with a "whisky tablet," for dessert. The whisky tablet was almost like a piece of fudge that was made with peated scotch whisky. I really liked it! We also got a chocolate mousse made with peated scotch whisky to share. Elin wasn't sure about the smokey flavor, but most of us really liked it! All in all, this was a good meal to prep us for what someone later called our "whisky olympics" which started the next day.

I also had to get this picture of a giant flower bush/tree as we were leaving the restaurant. Turns out that Scotland, like Ireland has beautiful flowers this time of year!