Porto to Lisbon

Goodbye Porto

In the morning, we checked out of our hotel and said goodbye to the beautiful views of Porto along the river.

Since we had plenty of time, we decided to walk to the train station, which was about 40 minutes away rather than pay for a taxi. We got quite the workout, trekking up hills and walking through the less touristy parts of the city with our bags that are quite a bit heavier now. (We both have a bottle of Scotch from our fancy Laphroaig experience.) But we eventually we made it to the station.

We had plenty of time, so we got some pastries (I'm a big fan of Portuguese pastries) and coffee at a cafe nearby and waited to board our train.

Train Kerfuffle

As a bit of background, we had bought tickets for the train months ago and received paper tickets in the mail. We didn't pay for seat reservations when we bought the tickets online, thinking that (like all of the other trains that we've been on recently) buying seat reservations was optional. Turns out we were wrong. After trying to sit in several places during the first part of the train journey, only to have people tell us we were in their seats, we realized that we might be in trouble. We went to find the ticket-checker on the train and were told sternly that we should have bought seat reservations. We then got escorted off the train and sent to a ticket office as our train left us behind in a random small town part way between Porto and Lisbon.

At the ticket office, we were told that the only other train to Lisbon that day was completely full for second class (which is what our tickets were for.) Luckily, there were still two seats in first class, so after paying for the upgrade, we finally had tickets with seat reservations! All in all, we only lost about two hours and 20 bucks. And now I can say that I've been kicked off a train!


It was pretty late by the time we got into the apartment that we had rented in Lisbon, but we got to spend some time wandering through the streets of Alfama, which is the neighborhood we were staying in (at Cole's recommendation - Thanks, Cole!) This is the neighborhood where the style of music called Fado was invented. So we walked by a bunch of Fado bars and restaurants, getting serenaded as we walked through the small, cobble-stone streets.

Eventually, we stopped at a restaurant with tables outside and enjoyed a nice dinner! Dylan got a very good steak with french fries and I got octopus rice. Yum!

As a funny side note, the place where we are staying has extremely short doorways. Dylan has suffered a couple head bonks as a result.