Lisbon Day 4

Posting in the Park

We decided to take a relaxed approach to our final day in Lisbon. The Eduardo VII park had come up when we were researching things to see in Lisbon, but it wasn't very close to where we were staying so we hadn't gotten around to seeing it yet. We remedied that by hopping on the metro with our Kindles and computer in tow.

We got off the metro at the Marquez de Pombal stop (he was an important Lisbon politician I think) and checked out his monument in a giant roundabout.

From there, we went to a bakery (also named after Pombal!) to pick up a coffee and some breakfast snacks to eat in the park. Unfortunately, my ordering skills were not so good. When I pointed to delicious salami filled pastries and asked for two, the person working behind the counter thought I wanted the tuna filled empanadas that were right next to the salami ones. And I wasn't paying attention enough to notice that he grabbed the wrong ones before we were in the park. Bravely, Dylan and I ate most of our tuna breakfast. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't my idea of tasty either.

We spent some time on a shady bench that we found near the front of the park before doing some exploring. The park had cool, tree-covered stone paths along the sides and a big green center, complete with a labyrinth of hedges.

And when we got to the top, we came upon a really big fountain and gardens named after the famous fadist Amelia Rodrigues.

At the top of the park, we found a great shady bench overlooking the entire park. You could even see the ocean beyond the park. I did a little more posting and Dylan finished his book.

City Wandering and Dinner

Once the battery on my computer got really low, we decided to head back to our Alfama neighborhood. We did some more wandering through small streets, finding a very picturesque but rather scary street with a ton of pidgeons sitting on a wire and balcony.

I had read online that the best way to see everything in Alfama was to just wander and it has proven an effective strategy.

At one point, we came across the Lisbon cathedral, which is pretty close to our apartment. We had walked by it a few times already, but this time it was open so we got to go inside.

To cap off our relaxing Lison day, we went to a cute little restaurant for a veritable Portuguese feast. (This was our last night in Portugal after all.) I ordered a tinto verde (or green wine which Portugal is known for), caldo verde (a Portuguese collard green soup), and bacalhau a bras (a cod, shredded potato, onion and egg caserrole-ish dish that is a Portuguese specialty.) Dylan got a cod croquette and a steak that was served with proscuitto on top! Ultimately, I've decided that Portuguese food is pretty weird, but it grows on you and can be quite good!