London Arrival


After our monstruous travel day(s), we landed at Heathrow Airport in the afternoon. We took the Underground to our hotel. The fastest route was the Picadilly Line toward Cockfosters. They announced the name at every stop, which Dylan thought was hilarious.

It was tempting to crash for the night when we got to our hotel, but we resisted in an effort to get onto London time. So we hopped back on the Underground to check out some of the main sights.

We walked through Leicester Square, which is the theatre district.

From there, we ventured around Trafalgar Square and the square in front of Parliament. They had a statue of Abe Lincoln along with a bunch of famous Brits, like Churchill.

Then, we walked by the WWII monument and through the Saint James Park in front of Buckingham Palace, which was really pretty. I really liked the parks and architecture here!

And of course, we had to get our stereotypical tourist picture with the London Eye. (We were too cheap to pay the 35 quid per person to actually ride it.)

We ended the day with dinner at a pub. This place has been a pub since 1640!

Dylan got fish and chips, and I had a steak and onion pie. It was a delicious switch-up after eating so much curry for a lot of weeks!