Day Trip From London

Seven Sisters Trek

Since we knew we had quite a few days in London, we decided to spend our first full day on a day trip to the Seven Sisters Cliffs, which are on the coast south of London.

We took a train from London to the city of Seaford. We even got to see some cliffs along the way from the train!

From the Seaford train station, we walked to the start of a trail at a beach that would take us along the coast and the cliffs.

Here is us at our starting point, and our initial path.

Pretty soon into our trek, we found ourselves walking through beautiful green pastures with views of the cliffs. It was sunny and around 80 degrees, with a great breeze. We couldn't have asked for better weather!

The wind made selfie attempts difficult, but we did our best!

Two to three miles into the trek, we came up to Cuckmere Haven, where a river flows into the English Channel. We expected that we would have to walk a couple miles in from the coast to cross the river at the nearest bridge. But the river's water level was low enough and we were brave enough to take off our shoes and wade across it at the beach. We were happy to shave a couple miles off our journey!

On the other side of the river, we got to see the white cliffs up close.

And here's the view looking back over the Haven from the other side.

After this point, the cliff trekking got really serious. Each of the seven sisters was a major trek uphill and then downhill. I was well-prepared for the distance that we would be walking, but I had not been expecting so much up and down. It was brutal on the legs!

About seven miles in, we came up to a visitor center/cafe that is accessible by car. A lot of people just drive and park here to see the cliffs. We took advantage of the cafe!

On the second half of the hike, we got pretty close to the edge of the cliffs at a couple points. It was a little scary!

Eventually, we got our first sight of the city of Eastbourne, where we would catch a train back to London.

From the end of our trail, we continued onto the Eastbourne boardwalk. We liked that we got to check out two small towns in just one day.

We were super hungry by the time we made it to the center of Eastbourne so we decided to get some dinner before heading back to London.

By the time we made it back to our hotel, my fitbit registered over 35,000 steps (matching my best one day step record) and 209 floors!!!! This blew my 150 floors in one day record from Fushimi Inari in Japan out of the water!