London Day 3

British Museum

We decided to spend the day checking out the British Museum and some of the other main attractions in London.

On our way to the museum, we came across a park with a pull-up bar!

The British Museum, like all of London's major museums, is completely free! Turns out, the free entry is partly how the UK justifies that the museum is filled with artifacts that were acquired by the British Empire during its colonial exploits.

We opted to just see some of the major museum highlights, including a head from Easter Island, the Rosetta Stone, and the Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon. Here are some pics!

This statue wasn't famous, but I loved this guy's side-eye.

From the museum, we walked to check out St. Paul's Cathedral. On the way, we came across the Royal Courts of Justice and a dragon statue, which also warranted photos.

From there, we walked across Millenium Bridge to the south side of the Thames, where we saw the famous Globe Theatre.

On our way toward the Tower Bridge, we found ourselves on a great walking path. We came across a big British ship, the HMS Belfast, and a pub that looked very Harry Potter-ish to me. We took a break from the heat and rested our feet there.

We got some great views of the river and skyline as we got close to Tower Bridge. Dylan got a little tired of selfies after a few attempts at the perfect pic.

As we got really close to the Tower Bridge, we saw a bunch of police cars and boats and commotion. We realized why when we saw that someone had climbed way up the side of the bridge and looked like they were about to jump. Luckily, the guy decided to climb back down after a few minutes.

We crossed Tower Bridge, ending up on the north side of the Thames again. Here, we explored the outside of the Tower of London.

From the Tower of London, we took the Underground back to our hotel to pick up our computer before heading back to central London. We had seen a bunch of people picnicing and figured we could do the same at Green Park...while trying out some local beer and also catching up on some posting.