London Day 5

Day Trip to Bath

We decided to spend our last full day in London on a day trip to Bath, which is about an hour and a half west of London.

The train ride was quite pretty. Dylan got some good pics of the countryside.

As soon as we got off the train, we could tell that Bath is a really cute, small town. We immediately saw some old buildings and walked by a pretty park on our way to the Pulteney Bridge, which was constructed in the 1700s, and a flower-covered street.

As we approached the church in the center of the town, we realized that it was graduation day! There were a ton of people in caps and gowns with their families taking photos.

After missing out on Indian food the night before, we decided to try out an Indian street food place that I had found on Google Maps. It was basically a closet with a tiny counter that two guys were making all the food behind. Dylan got samosa chaat and I got an onion bhaji roti with a samosa. It was all so tasty!

After lunch, we went to check out the Roman Baths! We started out with an audio tour, but ended up joining a free tour offered by a staff member. I really loved seeing and walking through so much history!

Here's us at the beginning/top of the baths.

Inside the museum, we saw the pool where the hot spring water flows up from the earth, ruins of sculptures, the oldest working sewer in Britain, and the longest Roman lead pipe.

We also got to see this curse tablets, which were written by ancient Romans who were mad at people for doing things like stealing bathing tunics.

On our tour with the guide, we checked out some of the different rooms, like this Caldarium.

The guide had a 2000 year old pin that he let us hold. Here's me holding the pin, standing on the same stone floor that Romans walked on 2000 years ago. Max history!

After we had thoroughly explored the Baths, we decided to walk to see some of the Georgian architecture and check out a park that was a little further from the city center.

As we were walking through the park, Dylan looked down and realized that his feet were rebelling against the Crocs. His feet had been holding up better than mine so far this trip, proving all of the Croc-naysayers wrong. But ultimately even his feet had had enough.

We ended up finding a nice bench to chill at for a little while.

Before heading back to London, we checked out a restaurant we had seen earlier. It specialized in ciders, which are a big thing in Bath. We got a tasting flight of ciders and a pizza that had two chilli peppers next to it on the menu. We were hoping for spicy, but ended up with nothing of the sort. It was tasty if not at all spicy though.

The train station in Bath had a red telephone booth filled with flowers. I had to get a photo!

And also this...