Malham Arrival

One of Britain's Top Pub Walks

We checked out of our hotel in York and headed to Malham, which is a small town just outside of a slightly bigger town called Skipton in the Yorkshire Dales. Dylan had found Malham on a website that ranked the top "pub walks" in Britain. One of the main places in Malham is a pub called the Lister Arms that also has 23 guest rooms. There are a whole bunch of day walks that all start from the Yorkshire Dales National Park center, which is just down the street from the pub.

We checked into our room at the Lister Arms and started out on a walk!

Malham Cove

Initially, we followed some directions that we had found on a website. These directions took us through a pasture. We said hi to some cows and eventually found ourselves walking up to a river coming out of the tall limestone cliffs that make up Malham cove. While enjoying the site, we soon realized that we had a problem. A very nice path, which was clearly the path that we needed to be on to continue our walk, was on the opposite side of the river.

I considered going all the way back to our starting point so that we wouldn't end up on the wrong side of the river. But that seemed lame. So instead, I took off my socks and shoes, rolled up my pants, and braved some very cold stream water to get to the other side. This was one of the few times when I was jealous of Dylan's crocs.

Once we were on the right side of the river, we started hiking up some rock steps that took us up to the top of the cliffs and offered us some great views of the countryside below.

At the top of the cliffs, we found ourselves on limestone rocks that had been worn down over many many moons by glaciers and rainfall. They looked really cool and had deep fissures between them with all kinds of plant life growing inside. This part of the hike seemed a lot like a non-coastal version of Giant's Causeway in Ireland. I really liked it!

From the top of the cliffs, we started following markers through some more pastures to get to Gorsdale Scar.

Gorsdale Scar

When we came across a parking lot and a nicely paved road into a valley between two big cliffs, we knew we had made it to the right place!

Here's Dylan inspecting the rocks for their climb-ability.

At the end of this path, where the two cliffs meet, there is a big cascading waterfall!

We did a little scrambling together to get as far as we could on the right side of the waterfalls without getting our shoes wet.

I noticed the view when I looked back was beauitful too!

Dylan, who didn't have to worry about wet shoes, braved some waterfall crossing to scramble up most of the way up the left side. Here's my documentation of his journey!

Eventually, we departed from the scar and continued our walk towards Janet's Foss.

Janet's Foss

Foss is an old Scandanavian word for "force," which was used to name waterfalls. And Janet was the supposed fairy queen who lived behind the waterfall here, hence the name Janet's Foss.

The waterfall itself was pretty, but the trail from the waterfall took us through an arguably even prettier forest walk along the river.

We saw big lily pads and tiny mushrooms and trees growing on top of big rocks.

Eventually, the forest came to an end, and we found ourselves on another scenic path through pastures that led us right back to Malham.

We celebrated the completion of our walk with a couple beers near the bar in the Lister Arms before setting into a cozy nook next to the fireplace where we ate a delicious dinner. We decided very quickly that we quite liked Malham and the Lister Arms!