Nerja Day 2


Other than the beach, one of the main attractions of Nerja is a giant cave system. We got up in the morning and drove about fifteen minutes from the beach to check it out!

The cave contains paintings done by cave dwellers forever and ever ago that are really sensitive, so visiting the cave system is very regulated. (Apparently tourists breathing on the paintings was causing too much degregation, so now you can't visit that part of the cave.) But we were still really impressed with what we saw!

The part of the cave pictured below is in the Guiness Book of World Records for being the largest known column in a cave.

I took this last picture as we were heading out of the cave. I thought that seeing all of the small people below helped give a little perspective of just how big the first part of the cave is.

After visiting the caves, we considered doing a hike along Nerja's Rio Chillar, which is highly rated. But it ultimtely seemed wrong to not take advantage of the awesome beach that was right in front of our hotel. So we drove back to the same free parking lot as before - and this time had to pay a guy standing out front in a vest a dollar to park there. (This would become a pattern with "free" parking lots in Spain.)

For the rest of the day, we alternated between swimming in the cool water and warming up and reading on the beach. It felt very vacation-y!