Islay to Oban

Sheepy Farewell

This was the official last morning of the portion of our trip with the rest of the Fisher/Fairchild gang before we returned to our duo travel. The sheep on Islay seemed to sense that it was our collective last day. They wandered onto the beach right in front of our rental!

They were pretty skittish when I crossed the street to get a closer photo. But I still got a decent shot with the help of some zoom.

Islay Woollen Mills

We had a little time before we had to catch the ferry back to the mainland, so we decided to visit the Islay Woollen Mill which had been closed on Sunday.

This mill and its owner are quite famous. The owner, who we got to meet, made the kilts that were featured in the movie Braveheart. He also has all kinds of famous clients. He told us about how the queen came to visit the shop one time without any security. He tried to get his wife to stop working since the queen was visiting. His wife thought he was joking and refused to stop working.

Here's the mill and the owner telling us about the spun wool.

We couldn't resist trying on some Sherlock caps. We didn't buy anything but Suzy got a flat cap and Cole got a vest!

Dylan and I spent a little time exploring the property surrounding the mill which was quite beautiful


From the Woolen Mill, we headed to Port Ellen. We walked around town a little and then hopped on our return ferry.


After some sad goodbyes on the ferry, the Fairchild/Fisher gang headed in their car to Edinburgh where they would be flying back to the US and we ventured to Oban. Dylan had read online that Oban was a cute town to visit on a drive up to the Highlands. Even the drive to Oban was quite scenic.

And the town itself did not dissapoint!

We had originally planned to visit the distillery in Oban, but we were a little burnt on distilleries and trying to shake colds that we had picked up in Ireland. We opted to just take a photo with the sign.

Instead of Scotch tasting, we ventured up to McCaig's tower, which overlooked the town and provided some fantastic views of the harbor.

After hiking down from the tower, we followed a walking path along the water. We came across a memorial and the famous Dog Stone (where according to legend, a giant tied up his dog).

We didn't walk all the way to the castle, but we got some good views of it before we ventured back to our hotel and called it a day.