Paros Arrival

Ferry from Santorini to Paros

After checking out of our apartment in Santorini this morning, we headed to the port to catch a ferry to another Greek island - Paros. Since the wind had died down, we didn't have any issues with cancellations, which was a welcome relief. But it was a bit of an adventure navigating the crowds at the port and figuring out where we needed to be at the right time to get onto our ferry.

After boarding the ferry, we got some great seats on the back deck and got to see several islands on our journey.

The ferry ended up taking an hour longer than scheduled. It seems like a one hour delay is about as good as you can expect with the ferries here. But we still had plenty of day left to enjoy the island.

An Afternoon on the Island

From the port, we headed to our apartment, which ended up having an incredible view of the water and beach below. (Sea-view accomodations are much, much more afforable on Paros than Santorini.)

After scoping out the place a bit, we decided to head over to the center of the small town, Naoussa, where we were staying.

The town was quite picturesque with its harbor, church, and flower-lined streets.

The best part of the town, though, is the ruins of an old Venetian fort. We took the path out from the harbor to the fort and made sure to get plenty of photos.

The water was so clear, you could see the plant life growing on the bottom.

My attempt to keep my eyes open in the bright sun for a good group selfie with the town in the background failed somewhat ...but I tried.

After we finished exploring, we stopped back at our apartment to pick up a couple hand towels that we repurposed as beach towels. Then we headed to the beach just below our apartment.

Eventually, we packed up and enjoyed a couple beers on our patio before heading into town as the sun was setting.

Here, we found a well-rated kebab place where we enjoyed a lot of delicious food and a couple more beers (and a carafe of wine in Cole's case).