Paros Day 2

Morning at Kolimpithres Beach

Instead of just going to the beach right in front of our apartment two days in a row, we decided to check out another beach on Paros called Kolimpithres. We had the option of taking a 30 minute water taxi there from the harbor right by our apartment. But we saw on Google Maps that it was only a 45 minute walk. We decided to avoid the hassle and cost of the water taxi and just walk. The walk started with a steep hill but otherwise it was pretty flat and easy (and decently scenic) if a bit long considering that we were wearing sandals and swim suits.

We ended up really liking Kolimpithres. The beach had some sandy areas and some really cool rocks. And the water was crystal clear and shallow for about 100 yards from the shore. It felt like you could just walk forever without ever having to actually swim.

After enjoying the water and sun for a bit, we spent some time adventuring around and on the rocks.

First, Dylan and I helped give some extra water to this sea cucumber guy who was drying out in a shallow puddle.

Then, we did some easy climbing/scrambling. I got into a cave and got some good views across the beach.

Norm joined Dylan for some more serious scrambling and climbing. They did a couple pretty hard routes. I stuck to the easy routes and picture taking.

We worked up a sweat and cooled off in the water. While in the water, I got a good shot of Cole's sweet chill spot on a rock.

After a few hours, we decided it was time to head back. We looked to see if we could take the water taxi back, but we couldn't find anywhere to get tickets. So we ultimately decided to just walk back the way we came.

Shortly into the walk, though, Cole decided that he had had enough of his flip flops rubbing blisters into his feet and his swimsuit chafing his... bits. Rather than continuing the trek back on land, he decided to take the journey back in the sea.

Since the road only followed the water some of the times, we lost sight of him at several points. But whenever we got close, we could see him trudging along in the water. Eventually, he rejoined us on the road and did the last bit of the walk soaking wet but happy with his choice to swim/walk most of the way.

If you look really closely, you can see him as the little white dot in the water in these photos.

Exploring Paros Near the Port

After getting back from the beach, Dylan and I packed up our bags and said farewell to our super nice apartment in Paros. Originally, our plan was to stay another night in Paros and then take a morning ferry back to Athens before catching a 3:15pm flight to Prague. After seeing how the Greek ferry timing worked (where a one hour delay is about as on-time as things get), however, we decided that we needed to come up with a Plan B. So we switched our reservation to a night ferry back to Athens tonight. And we booked a place to stay near the port in Athens so we wouldn't have to worry about missing our flight to Prague tomorrow.

Cole and Norm decided to come with us to Parikia, which is the town on Paros where we needed to be to catch our ferry.

When we got here, we were all hungry so we got a tasty last meal together.

Then, we spent some time visiting Panagia Ekatontapiliani, which is a Byzantine Church and the main attraction besides the beach in Parikia. (The church was supposedly founded by St. Helen, the mother of Constantine I.)

Dylan and I had our backpacks on, making us feel like authentic backpack travelers!

In addition to going into the main part of the church, we also paid a small admissions fee to check out a museum attached to the church. The museum ticket included entrance to the upper part of the church as well, which was pretty neat to explore.

After exploring the church, we said our goodbyes to Cole and Norm and waited until it was time to get shuffled like cattle into a waiting pen for our ferry.

The ferry came roughly on time and was pretty enjoyable. We watched the sun go down on the deck and then headed inside to read and post a little more until we made it back to Athens and disembarked.