Phnom Penh Day 2

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

Our first activity today was a long, hot walk to the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum, which is about as cheery as it sounds. It was an interesting thing to see though. It is good to be reminded of the terrible cruelty with which people can treat each other so that we can work to prevent it in our lifetimes. This museum was actually the site of an elementary school which was converted into a torture site by the Khmer Rouge regime.

Walking Around Town

After a sobering morning, we continued our hike around town by checking out the Independence Monument and the Palace. We had to fight off many tuk-tuk drivers, but we made it.

The park next to the palace also had a majestic golden chicken-dragon thing.

The palace is right next to the river running through town, so we walked up that to reach our next destination, the Ounnalom Pagoda.

And then onward to the fancy post office.

We also found some exercise equipment, and took some pictures of street food and markets.

Lunch at Friends Restaurant

Cambodia has a few Friends Restaurants, which is a chain which trains "street kids" in the restaurant industrty. We tried out their place for lunch.

Smoothies were delicious.

And Steph got a BUG BURGER! It actually was not bad.

Rooftop Pool

It was still a really hot day, so we decided to finish it off at hotel pool. It was a pretty awesome pool and bar there, so I think that was the right call.

When it started getting late, we started ordering drinks. The real winners were the chili mango margarita (which is that martini-glass) and the chocolate coconut drink (which is in the goblet).

The city started to really come alive at night, the buildings start putting on light shows on the side. This one is displaying the Cambodian flag.

After some drinks, we got dinner at the hotel. The burger was not the best, but after those drinks I was willing to forgive them.