Travel Day to Porto, Portugal

Goodbye UK

We got up in the morning, checked out of our beloved Lister Arms in Malham and started our drive to the aiport in Leeds. After many weeks of enjoying Ireland and the greater UK, our time in this English-speaking land was about to come to an end.

We got to the airport nice and early, so we spent some time reading (for Dylan), catching up on some posting prep (for me), and then we used up our last pounds on lunch. Over the past several weeks, I have discovered and confirmed that the UK does refrigerated, boxed sandwiches quite well. We've eaten quite a few of them in parks on our adventuring. I decided I would have one more as a send off to the UK at the airport.

Eventually we got on the first of our two part journey to Porto.

Our first flight took us to Schipol in Amsterdam. I got some good views of the country as we flew in.

Once we touched ground, though, we had to kick it into high gear. We only had a 55 minute layover in Schipol before our next leg to Porto. At first we were hoping that maybe we would be on the same plane, since KLM was willing to book such a short layover. When we realized that wasn't the case, we hoped at least that we wouldn't have to go through passport control. That wasn't the case either. And to really add to the drama, we had to wait for a bus on the tarmac to take us to the airport. Then the line for passport control was so long and slow that one of the airport workers started calling out departure times to fast track people. We were the first that she called because our flight was so soon. Even with the fast track, we ended up jogging to make sure that we got on our flight. We were tired and sweaty by the time we got on the flight, but at least we made it!

Unfortunately, our bags did not make it. We waited at the baggage claim for quite a while until it became very clear that our bags had not showed up. We weren't the only ones in the same situation, which could have added comfort to our situation. But instead it worked out that we were last in a long line of people waiting at Lost and Found to file a report. As we waited and waited, we also had the fun of trying to communicate back and forth with the small hotel we were staying at and the driver who was waiting to pick us up to take us there. Thankfully, we eventually got the driver's number and he agreed to wait an extra hour for us to file our claim.

We were quite bummed that we didn't have luggage and exhausted from the long travel day. But the huge bright side was that our hotel was in a great location and had a balcony overlooking the water. We sat for a couple minutes before calling it a night.