Onwards to Prague

Goodbye Greece

We slept in this morning before checking out of our hotel in the port to head to the airport. We took the metro, which ended up taking much longer than we were expecting. But we made it to the airport with enough time to eat one last Greek meal. Cole and Norm had told us that the airport food here was pretty good, and we agree!

Hello Prague

The flight to Prague was easy, and we booked a transfer directly to our hotel so we didn't have to navigate the complex Czech transportation system with bags.

Dylan had booked us a nice room in the Grand Hotel Praha, which is in the main square of Prague's old town and right across from the astrological clock (one of the main tourist attractions in the city.) I tried to keep a reign on the hotel spending for most of the trip, but this was one of our planned splurges.

When we checked in, though, we got ushered to a small room in what seemed like the attic of the hotel. We double checked our booking paperwork and confirmed that we had paid for a "deluxe room" with a view of the clock. After talking with reception about the room mix-up, we were told that the room that we had booked and paid for wasn't available, but we were told that we could stay in the "presidential suite" which was available for the first two nights and then switch to a standard room for the last night. We went for it and were not disappointed.

Here are some photos of our presidential suite. The room was huge and it had three showers in it - a normal shower, a shower/bathtub combo, and a sauna shower. Crazy!

And the view of the clock from the room was really good. Every hour on the hour, the clock has a moving display with rotating apostle statues and a skeleton ringing a bell and a golden chicken clucking (Dylan's favorite part.) It was really fun getting to watch from our window rather than from the crowd below. We felt very fancy.

By the time we had gotten settled in our new room, it was getting a little late. But it was the perfect time to do some exploring and soaking up the beautiful city during sunset. Dylan had told me that Prague is the most picturesque old town in a European city, and I agree!

We still weren't too hungry considering our giant lunch at the Athens airport, but we got a charcuterie board with some beers to share for dinner. Yum!