Prague Day 2

A Relaxed Day of Exploring and Drinking Beer

Since we had two full days in Prague, we decided to take a very relaxed approach to exploring the city today. Our two priorities were (1) enjoying more of the city's pretty buildings, statues, and river and (2) drinking the pilsner that Prague is famous for.

After sleeping in and enjoying our super nice presidential suite, we headed out across Charles Bridge to a park with a beer garden.

Along the way, I got to see a lot of what I saw the night before in a whole new light!

The park ended up being up on a hill, which gave us some great views of the city across the river.

It was really sunny, which didn't always make for the best photos, but we did our best to document our great view with our first round of beer.

And here is the view the other way. It looks empty behind us, but there were a few other groups sitting on the tables by the edge of the park. One group was a group of guys that I'm guessing were headed to Germany for oktoberfest next. They seemed like they had already had many, many beers even though it was only early afternoon.

After chilling in the park and enjoying the views for a while, we decided to try out a couple craft beer places that Dylan had found online.

The first was the Prague Beer Museum, which sounds cheesy, but was actually just a craft beer bar with thirty beers on tap. They had a special for 999 Czech crowns (about 40 USD) where you got a taster of all thirty beers. Dylan and I opted instead to try out two of their five beer flights and get a snacks. The snacks weren't anything special, but some of the beer was really good!

From there, we headed to one more place that did craft beer, the Fat Cat. Along the way, though, we came across these really weird but pretty great statues. I couldn't resist getting a couple photos...

Here's us at the Fat Cat. Dylan got his favorite IPA - Flying Cloud - that we tried at the last place. And I tried a Czech Monastery beer.

We spent a little more time roaming through the streets, and we came across a little market.

Eventually, we ended up back in our square and got some sausages and potato dumplings with cabbage and bacon to share. We ended up paying more than we had thought. (They advertize the price per 100 grams and then serve you five times that much unless you know enough to ask for less ahead of time.) But it was really tasty, and we had such a great view that we didn't care.

All in all, a great first full day in Prague.