Railay Arrival

Travel Extravaganza

After our time in Northern Thailand, we ventured south to experience the beach/resort part of Thailand. We had a quick, easy flight from Chiang Rai to Phuket. From there, we had to get to Railay Beach, which required a taxi and a ferry ride. Dylan had booked a taxi in advance, but it turns out that the driver had our arrival time wrong. So he had shown up at 3:45am instead of 13:45 to pick us up.

After some stressful communication via WhatsApp, we found out that the taxi company was going to send another driver at the correct time. Unfortunately, he ended up being more than an hour late to pick us up. And he clearly was not the same guy who was in the photo on the taxi registration in the car. Thankfully, we made it to the dock to catch our ferry!

As we were waiting to catch the ferry, it went from slightly overcast to stormy.

We got some great views from the ferry, but we quickly realized that we were heading directly into a storm. We got soaked!

After dripping all over the reception of our hotel and checking in, we wrung out our clothes, changed into dry ones, and decided to check out the very small "town" of Railay. (It's really like one main street of restaurants between the West and East beaches.)

We had some pretty good Thai food for dinner and then got drinks at the Black Pearl bar. It's open mic night every night at the Black Pearl, but its usually the same band that performs for most of the time. They were pretty impressively terrible, but they looked cool at least!

We ended the evening by walking along the beach and checking out some of the huge, beautiful cliffs framing the beach. I also discovered "night mode" on my phone camera, which turns out works pretty well!