Railay Day 2

Morning Exploring

Our main reason for coming to Railay Beach was rock climbing. Southern Thailand has a lot of beautiful beaches, but Railay is the spot for rock climbing. We booked a guide and gear for rock climbing for our first full day in Railay, but we had a couple hours before we were scheduled to climb.

We decided to use our extra time to do some more exploring around Railay. We were really impressed with how pretty everything looked in the sunshine. Little did we know, this was the last sun we would be seeing for quite some time...

Once the early afternoon rolled around, we met our guide, got our climbing gear, and headed to a climbing spot. The penninsula is full of climbing spots, but we went to one that we were told had some shelter from the rain...since there was a high likelihood of impending rain.

Climbing outdoors on real rocks was way different than indoor climbing, but it was a lot of fun!

We did a range of routes. Some were pretty short and easy, like this one.

But we also did some super long (and scary!) routes. Here's Dylan on his successful climb to the top of a 30m route. By the time he got to the top, you could barefuly see him from the ground! (I only made it up about 2/3 of this one, but I was still happy with how far I went).

As Dylan was finishing up this climb, it started raining and then pouring. We waited out the worst of it under a cliff overhang, but eventually it became clear that if we wanted to do any more climbing we were going to have to do it in the rain. Armed with plenty of chalk, we decided we would go for it. Here's me in the rain!

It of course started pouring again as we reached the end of our scheduled climbing time. So we ended up walking into our hotel completely soaked for a second day in a row!

We were really tired from our climbing, so we decided to check out our hotel restaurant, which had some really cute lights hanging from the nearby trees. We ate Hawaiian pizza with delicious, fresh pineapple for dinner and bananas flambe for dessert!