Railay Day 3

Chillaxing in the Rain

It was a rainy morning in Railay, so we decided to take it easy (especially considering our rock climbing the day before). We ended up at a bar next to the beach, chatting to a couple from Ohio that were on their honeymoon for a couple hours. Then, the power ended up going out on the entire penninsula for a few hours. We decided that was a good excuse to relax and enjoy our "reading nook" (as Dylan dubbed it), which was the covered patio between our room and our personal entrance to the hotel pool. Since we were at the end of the hotel, we actually had a good view of the cliffs from the nook as well.

Eventually, the rained lightened up enough that Dylan and I decided we would do some adventuring to a part of the island with a cave, dubbed officially as the "princess cave" but unofficially the "penis cave."

On the way to this famous cave, we walked through another cool cave area that had some vines and even some boulders that seemed climb-able.

Here's me at our destination. You can see where it gets its unofficial name

At the beach near said cave, we noticed an inlet to what looked like an area between a couple of the cliffs that you could just barely get to without swimming. We decided to check it out and were really happy we did! We found a lot more cool caves and great views.

Here's the beach and bend we went around.

And here's what we saw!

By the time we got back to where we started, the sun was going down!

We ended the day with a meal at what turned out to be our favorite restaurant in Railay. Yum!