Railay Day 4

Still Raining...

Still more rain today!

After some time in our reading nook, we decided we should get a kebab from the stand we saw on the walking street to the west peninsula. It had a decent looking kebab spinning out front.

We walked out to eat at the beach, turns out 1pm is about high tide exactly. The water was coming all the way up into the end of the street and between the tide and the rain the beach was annihilated.

Even so, we found a place to try our kebabs...

Turns out that this was the worst kebab I have ever had, and I have had quite a few. Whoever reads this, do not get kebab on Railay. After throwing away our kebabs after 2 bites and taking some Travelan, we decided to hit our new favorite restaurant for a lunch that was not terrible.

There was a lizard posted up by the lamp "sunning" himself, so that was cool.

Also, to give an idea of how much rain we are talking... monsoon rain. This was our walk to lunch.

A cool thing while we were out walking was all the monkeys we saw, they seemed to be exploring around in between the heaviest downpours.

Monkeys even visited us in our reading nook!

After we got sick of reading, we decided to brave the rain again. Since it was evening the tide had gone out quite a bit, and it looked like we could almost walk around one of the ends of the beach so we tried that.

Steph found some wildlife during our walk through the tidepools too.

Turns out, we walked around to another resort area entirely called Tonsai. This was a more secluded and quiet area, with more hippy-ish resort-goers. They even had some hammocks strung up like they were sleeping under rock shelfs. They also had a ropes course, which looked like it would be fun without the rain.

Over on this side there were a lot of places where the water ran through the "solid" rocks too, which was cool. It gave us an idea of how the excellent rock climbing holds are formed naturally.

The Tonsai beach was very beautiful, here is a pano Steph took.

Only bad thing, is we didn't make it all the way back before the sun started setting, so it was a bit precarious stepping back over all those sharp and slick rocks. But we made it back!