Leaving Railay

Breakfast & Killing Time on Railay

We had plenty of time to kill before our ferry left at 1:40pm. First off was a big breakfast at the hotel, I think I ate an entire pineapple worth of slices. Steph got a photo of our "breakfast kitty", who joined us at breakfast every morning.

After checking out, we headed out to the southern cave system to find a new reading nook in the caves. Of course, it was absolutely beautifully sunny today.

The second picture is where we were climbing on the first day, which is crazy because at high tide the area is completely underwater. We actually saw a climbing group pull up in a boat to go to the other side of the island.

We saw some cool wildlife, like this big lizard.

Also, this praying mantis tried to sneak into my shirt collar to come with me to London. Steph stopped him.

Farewell to the Peninsula

Eventually our ferry came (slightly late, to make us nervous), and it was farewell to Railay.

The boats were really nice, big speedboats. We have small ears, so we got to sit on the inside of the boat. It was nice to get a new view of the coastline.

We also stopped to pick up some very talkative people who were just starting their family vacation. They took all kinds of pictures posing in the boat in various places, but Steph got this sneaky candid shot so it would seem less creepy.


After another boat transfer and a taxi (which actually was on time, almost amazingly) we finally got to the airport. We had a couple of Chang beers to say farewell to the Thailand.

We had a long connection in Doha airport as well, since we were flying Qatar air. The international airport in Doha is the nicest airport I have ever been too, full of luxury shops. We got a picture with the big bear art piece in the central square of the international terminal.

After all is said in done, we eventually arrived in London after taking:

For a grand total of 32-hours travel time!

Arriving in London will be covered next post!