Santorini Day 1

20 Hours Late is Better Than Never

Our sleep on the ferry wasn't the most restful. We got to enjoy about ten announcements between 3 and 4 am notifying passengers about the ferry's first stop on a different island. But we did get some sleep before we got up around 6:30 to be ready for our (re)scheduled 7 am departure time. We watched the sunrise as Santorini came into view.

We ended up not arriving at the port in Santorini until 8 am. But what's another hour delay on top of four? We were just happy that we finally made it!

We had a car scheduled to take us from the port to our apartment (mostly because we had originally expected to be arriving at 3 am when all other forms of transportation aren't available.) But it was nice to have someone holding a "Fairchild" sign for us when we arrived.

And our apartment ended up being pretty nice! It definitely was a budget accomodation in comparison to the super fancy resorts with private pools and amazing ocean views on Santorini, but it was cute and had a pretty good patio area.

After dropping off our bags, we decided that we would spend the rest of the day checking out the south part of the island. (Our apartment was located near the center.) So we got ready for the beach and hopped on a bus to Perissa. The bus ended up taking quite a long time, but it was a pretty big and comfy bus at least. Here's a couple pics that I snapped from the bus.

Once we arrived at Perissa, we decided to get lunch at one of the restaurants that also has lounge beds on the beach. (That way we could feel totally justified in using their beds after we ate.)

Cole and Norm got a seafood platter and meats and cheese platter to share. And I, of course, got a Greek salad to share with Dylan who ordered souvlaki. The waitress accidentally dumped the souvlaki on the ground, so it isn't featured in this photo. But it got remade and delivered eventually!

We also had some fancy drinks here. Dylan got a banana smoothie which was only so-so in comparison to the beach smoothies that we got in Thailand. I got an espresso fredo which is pretty much just an iced espresso drink that is really popular here. I think they are really tasty and the boost of caffeine was nice after a less than ideal night's sleep.

After eating, we walked just a couple feet and claimed some good lounge chairs on the beach. The beach here is a black sand beach. It was a little rocky and windy but still nice. After all of our travel hijinks, we were incredibly happy to finally be enjoying the island beach part of our vacation.

After a few hours of sun and sand, we took the bus back to our apartment. And after cleaning up a bit, we explored the bigger town, which is translated in English as both Fira and Thira, near our apartment. Here, we got gyro pitas from Lucky Souvlaki (a recommendation from travel blogger Santorini Dave.) They were on the small side but delicious!

As the sun was setting, we walked back to our apartment and enjoyed a little R&R time before calling it a night.