Goodbye Ireland, Hello Scotland!


After nearly two weeks in Ireland, we packed up our stuff and headed to the airport to begin the last part of our trip in Scotland! Our flight was on Ryanair, which offers a ton of cheap flights here. Despite its ideal price point, I cannot recommend it. If you don't check in online two hours before your flight, you are charged a 50 euro penalty fee, per person. And they refuse to print your boarding passes at the airport - unless you pay the 50 euro fee. Luckily, we got to the airport early and managed to download boarding passes to our phones.

Here we are looking like a chipper, social bunch waiting for the airplane.

We were let out onto the tarmac to queue up to board the flight which was a new experience for me. It ended up being a very short, easy flight, so no complaints in the long term.

Once we made it to Glasgow, Dylan and I picked up our own rental car, since we will be parting ways from the rest of the gang in a few days. (We were told by someone in one of the really small Irish towns that we were visiting that our group of seven was practically a gang.)

We've been happy to sit back and relax in the mini bus and leave the hard work of driving and navigating to Randy and Cole. But now we are becoming well-experienced "keep to the left" drivers. The navigating is a little nerve-wracking for me at times, but Dylan has been great at driving so far.

Suzy found an apartment to rent just a couple blocks from the center of Glasgow. I thought the buildings were pretty cool.

We were pretty tired from our travel day, but we decided to venture through town to find somewhere to eat. I quickly learned that the architecture in Glasgow is amazing! We didn't really know what all we were looking at, but it seemed like the city center was filled with old buildings that have been converted into normal businesses and restaurants.

We also found that the city has a bunch of cool murals in it, and statues of a little boy that all had different designs. We found out later that they are statues of an old Scottish comic strip character named Oor Wullie. They are placed throughout Scotland as part of a temporary art walk this summer to raise money for a children's hospital.

The other fun highlight of our first day in Scotland was coming across the blue police boxes, like the Tardis in Doctor Who. Dylan and I got a picture with one and then we attempted a group selfie.