Glasgow Day 2

Glasgow Green

Dylan and I heard bagpipes playing from our apartment in the morning, which just seemed too perfect for our first full day in Scotland. We ventured out to the park next door and found - lo and behold - a group playing bagpipes.

We did some more exploring through the park. We eventually came to a beautiful building called the People's Palace and a terracotta fountain that is supposedly the largest in the world.

I really wanted to explore the Glasgow Cathedral and Necropolis, and Randy found that the oldest brewery in Scotland, Tennents, was on the way. So we set off toward Tennents!

After having done quite a few brewery and whiskey tours (which pretty much explain how to brew beer too), we decided to skip the full "Tennents Experience" tour and instead just look through some of the rooms with the brewery's history on display.

We learned that the beer was well-known for a really long time for having pictures of women on the cans.

We had their main draught beer, which was unpasteurized and came from these very tanks!

Randy, Cole, and Elin also ordered some flights so we could taste their other beers. They made a beer infused with whiskey barrel chips. They put the whiskey barrel in the beer, instead of putting the beer in the barrel. It was really good!

From the brewery, we walked the short way to the necropolis, which was a very big cemetery as its name suggests. From one point, you could see a building in the distance that had the word paradise written on it. Dylan thought it was pretty depressing. It seemed kinda post-apocalyptic to me.

We got some great views of the cathedral from the necropolis, but then we also checked out the inside.

From the cathedral, we started what turned out to be quite a long walk to a restaurant called the Ox and Finch where Elin had made reservations for "linner." (The place is very popular and, as mentioned, we are a gang of 7, so 3:15 was the only time available for a reservation.)

It started raining at one point during our walk and not everyone was prepared, so we ended up ducking into a bar to grab a snack and drink on the way. It ended up working perfectly, because we walked up to the restaurant right on time. I didn't get any photos so I can only report that the food was delicious! It was all tapas-style, sharing plates. Some highlights were scallops with pork belly, pineapple, and a peanut satay sauce and a lamb stuffed zucchini (or courgette as the Scots call it).

The restaurant was right by a park that was hosting a summer concert series. Echo and the Bunnymen were playing that night. Suzy and Randy tried to get last minute tickets, but they didn't have enough for our gang of 7.

We got to check out the park and listen to their sound check/warm up. Also, Cole took some time to observe his growing food baby, and Suzy got up close and personal with one of the fountain statues.

From the park, we headed in the direction of a bridge and historic crane along the river that I had been wanting to see. As we were walking, though, I looked up at one point and noticed that we were walking past a place called Lebowski's. Upon closer inspection of their menu out front, we realized that they had a ton of white russian cocktails - one inspired by each character of The Big Lebowski, which is Dylan's favorite movie. We decided we had to check this place out!

Unfortunately, Grayden wasn't allowed into the bar since he isn't 18 yet. There is an interesting loophole here where you can be underage in a lot of bar/restaurants as long as you order and eat a meal. Since we had recently eaten a big meal, he wasn't feeling a whole other dinner. He, Randy, Suzy, and Elin went to a different place, leaving Cole, Dylan and I to debate which drinks to order.

The first round was so delicious that we ended up getting another. They weren't very boozy, but they tasted so good! Cole started with an absinthe white russian (The Nihilist) and then moved onto a passionfruit one (The Cab Driver). Dylan started with a chocolate milk white russian (The Walter) and then moved onto one made with scotch (The Smokey), which was surprisingly good. I started with one made with Buckfast (The Gutter Ball), which is a caffeinated fortified wine that we had been seeing on the menu everwhere. My second drink (The Jackie Treehorn) was like a normal white russian, only with peanutbutter!

Eventually, we did make it to our intended destination which was the Finnieston Crane and Clyde Arc. The crane was built in the 1930s and is left up as a symbol of the city's industrial background. And the arc is just part of a cool bridge.

From there, we took the river walk back to our place, enjoying the setting sun and some statues and murals on the way.