Seoul - Day 2

Changdeokgung Palace

We started the day off with our first round of sink laundry. Fun stuff!

Next, we headed out to see the palace right by our hotel. Dylan even agreed to sign up for a tour so we could see the palace's secret garden!

The tour begins!

I really liked the painted eaves of the buildings!

This is where they did farming demos.

Changgyeonggung Palace

Why visit one palace when you can visit two instead?

Bukchon Hanok Village

After our palace adventuring, we went to find an area of Seoul with a bunch of traditional houses. It wasn't easy to find, but after a few failed attempts, we ended up in the right place.

We weren't dressed the part, but a bunch of people were dressed up in traditional clothes to take photos.

We found a place to sit and drink a much deserved craft beer after our morning of exploring.

Buddhist Temple and Cheonggyecheon River

After our beer, we headed further south in the city to visit a temple and then walk along a man-made river through the middle of Seoul

We sat for a while next to a bird trying to catch fish.

Dongdaemun Food Street

After many, many hours of not eating, we found our way to food!

We got some udon and bulgogi inside a restaurant first

But we couldn't resist the street vendor selling fried chicken for dinner part 2. We ordered "super spicy"...he tried twice to offer us mild instead...but we insisted. It was super spicy!

We came across some city wall remnants as we enjoyed/suffered our spicy chicken.

According to my fitbit, we walked a total of 35,207 steps (15.09 miles) and 63 floors. Not bad for our first full day!