Seoul - Day 3

Jongmyo Shrine

We started the day with a visit to a shrine that was closed the day before. This is where the spirit tablets of former queens and kings are kept.

We walked on the dirt path. The stone path is reserved for the spirits!

N. Seoul Tower Hike

Next, we took to the subway to Itaewan, Seoul to hike up to North Seoul Tower.

As you can see from the small size of the tower in the distance, it was a pretty long hike.

Getting closer!

They had some exercise equipment part way up the hike. We doubled down on the exercise. Gotta keep our arms in shape for climbing when we get back!

We made it to the top! Turns out there's an entire mall at the base of the tower. And a bunch of locks from couples like the ones on the bridge in the Seine River in Paris

We rewarded ourselves with some chicken and beer!

We hiked down from the tower on the north side...and found more exercise equipment and a park with cool statues.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Next, we headed to our third palace of the trip. We saved the best for last!

I tried a peanut latte from 7/11 on the way. My facial expression clearly conveys my thoughts on the peanut latte.

We also found the Seoul sign near the palace!

Here's the palace.

Dinner Extravagnza

We ate and drank our way through the rest of the day in a cool Hanok village filled with restaurants and bars.

First up was Korean BBQ! Our waitress helped us cook the meat. She didn't think we were as skilled as the locals at the tables next to us. She probably was right. Regardless, it was really tasty!

Next, we went into a craft beer bar and had a couple pints. The picture is post beers...

This purple ice cream was also post beers...Yum!

Our step count for the day was 30,377...not quite as high as the day before. But we did a total of 101 floors!