Seville Day 2

Seville Cathedral

The main thing that we wanted to see in Seville was the Real Alcazar, so when we got up this morning having already seen it, we were a little at a loss. But we ultimately ended up with a good day of site seeing!

Our first main activity was seeing the inside of the Seville Cathedral, which proved well worth the cost that we were initially reluctant to pay to get in. One of the highlights of the inside was the giant tomb of Christopher Columbus which features four figures carrying a coffin. The other highlight was watching Dylan imitate some of the statues for pictures.

The cathedral has a tower attached to it, which was included in our ticket. This tower was really interesting because it didn't have any stairs - just a bunch of ramps that you walked up. Both along the way and at the top, we got some great views of the cathedral and the city below.

We ended our visit to the cathedral in the attached orange tree garden, where I got a few more pictures of the church and tower exterior peaking through the trees.

When we left the orange tree garden, we were bombarded by a bunch of really tasty looking heladerias (ice cream shops), which seem quite popular in Spain. We decided that we should embrace the vacation spirit and get ice cream. Yum!

Towards the Plaza España

After lunch, we ventured toward the river where we saw the Torre de Oro and found a river walk to the Plaza España, which was the other main Seville site we wanted to see.

We were pretty hot by the time we made it to the Plaza España, but we were glad that we made the walk. The plaza made for some great photo taking opportunities, and we really enjoyed walking along the front of the building which had tile benches and art, showing a lot of the cities of Spain. I took a couple photos of ones that we will be visiting soon!

We explored the really large park next to the Plaza for a while, until ultimately we couldn't stand the sweat beading on our upper lips any longer. (The heat here at least is just like dry California heat. It gets to you, but no where like the humidity in Southeast Asia gets to you.)

After returning to our hotel to cool off in some wonderful air conditioning, we ventured out at the appropriate 8 o'clock hour to try a tapas restaurant that I found online. The place was super cute and very affordable, but the tapas weren't quite as tasty and filling as what we had the night before.

But we did really like the drinks we had here. We tried Tinto Verano, which we had read about online. It's made by mixing red wine with either lemonade or orange soda. Dylan got orange, and I got lemon. It's somewhat of a poor man's sangria, but I actually really like it!

We also tried our first Sherry of the trip! It made me wish we were going to Jerez and doing some Sherry tours like we had done port tours in Porto.

Since we were still a little hungry after our tapas meal, we decided to try out a place right next door to our hotel that only serves fried food (mostly seafood) by weight. We got a few croquettes and pieces of cod to round out our dinner.