Siem Reap Day 2

Angkor Wat

Our second day in Siem Reap started super early! We signed up for a sunrise tour of the "small circuit" of the Angkor Wat temple complex and had to be dressed and ready to go by 4:30am.

Before the sun was up, we got into a tuk-tuk for a short ride to the ticket office and then the temple complex.

We met our guide for the day and learned that we would be starting the tour with the main temple, Angkor Wat. So we crossed a cool floating bridge to the temple and staked out a good location to see the sun rise over the temple.

It ended up being cloudy, so we didn't see much of a sunrise. But it was still cool to hang out and get some great shots of the temple.

We also saw our first monkey of the day! Dylan wanted to make sure he got a picture with the monkey.

After learning a little about the temple from our guide, we took some time to adventure into the temple. We waited in a short queue and braved some steep steps to get a great view from the top.

Because it's the wet season here and definitely not peak tourist season, we didn't have to deal with a lot of crowds. We took advantage by getting some great pics!

Dylan even snuck in a few pull-ups...

On our way out of the temple, we came across a bunch of monkeys!

Dylan was ready to be done with Angkor Wat selfies by the time we left.

But he did make sure that we got a great photo of one of the "naga" (snake) statues on the other side of the floating bridge.

Bayon Temple

Next on our tour was the Bayon Temple, which is known for all of the stone faces carved into its towers. This was Dylan's favorite.

I think Dylan really rocked the Indiana Jones vibe with his hat and temple exploration.

Ta Prohm Temple

Next on the tour was the Ta Prohm Temple, which became really famous after being featured in the original Tomb Raider movie. Before we could visit the temple, though, we were dropped off at an overpriced restaurant nearby and had to wait an hour while other people on our tour ordered full meals. This reminded Dylan why he doesn't like tours...

Here's some photos from when we finally made it to Ta Prohm.

All of these holes from inside the temple used to be filled with gems!

This is the "Angelina Jolie" tree near the center of the temple. In the movie, she ran all across the top of the temple and then swung from a vine on this tree. Even without the Hollywood fame, I thought the tree looked really cool!

This was another really cool tree that our guide called the "octopus tree." It has huge roots on multiple sides of one of the temple walls.

Banteay Kdei

Last on our tour agenda for the day was the Banteay Kdei Temple. We were feeling pretty tired by this point but it was another great temple.

Once our tour ended, we headed back to Pub Street for some food. A lot of the restaurants here serve wood fire pizzas, so we decided to try one. Fresh pineapple on pizza was quite tasty...and we had a second course of Khmer curry to keep things authentic!