Siem Reap Day 4

A Relax Day

Since we had been so busy for the last few days, and we were getting some requests for pictures from the moms and grandmoms, we decided to take a slow day to get the last set of posting done and relax by the pool.

That started off with walking through the pouring rain to lunch, the rain never lasted too long (10-15 minutes per shower) but really came down hard when it was raining.

We eventually got to lunch for another Hawaiian Pizza!

After we finished that up, we decided to hang out at the hostel rooftop pool.

We ended up sitting up there and watching as the sun went down and the city started to come alive.

We walked back to Pub Street for dinner and ate at a restaurant there, not one of our favorite places since Steph got attacked by a bunch of big bugs that had come out after the rain multiple times throughout the meal. They kept smacking off of her face and falling on her, funnier for me than her.

After dinner we stopped at a gelato place we saw, really good!