Onwards to York


The drive from Edinburgh to our next destination - York, England - was quite a long one. The day before, Dylan and I talked about finding somewhere to stop so that we wouldn't have to do the whole drive at once. As I was looking at the map, I noticed that our route had us driving through a town called Bamburgh. The name jumped out to me because we had visited (and loved) a town named Bamberg in Germany when we were there a few years ago. I spent a couple minutes looking up Bamburgh and saw that it had a cool looking castle right on the coast. I was sold!

Bamburgh (like Bamberg) did not disappoint. We got to stretch our legs by walking around the outside of the castle. And we also got a good view of the beach adjacent to the castle.

The best part was that there just so happened to be a festival going on in the grassy field below the castle. We walked down to it and ate a picnic lunch while listening to some entertaining but hit-and-miss in quality live music. We also got some great views of the castle from here before we decided to continue our drive.


Eventually, after singing along to some British 80s music on the radio to keep ourselves entertained, we made it to York. York is an historic walled town in the county of Yorkshire. We drove into the city through one of the "bars" or gates in the walls.

Dylan and I had the idea in our heads that York was going to be more of a small, quaint English town. Turns out that we didn't quite have the right idea. The city is picturesque in many ways. It has some great architecture and a river, with pubs all along it, that runs through town.

But it also was bigger than we had expected and clearly a place where a bunch of people had shown up to party and get smashed. (We think that it would have been different if we hadn't shown up on a Saturday.)

Regardless of the different vibe than we expected, we had fun exploring the main street in the city called the Shambles. This street is also believed to be an inspiration for Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter books, and it features a whole bunch of Harry Potter themed shops.

Near the Shambles, we found a shop that specializes in wraps made with Yorkshire puddings rather than a normal tortilla wrap. We decided that the concept was a little better than the actual execution, but they weren't bad.

Post dinner, we did some more wandering through the city and enjoyed some early evening sun by the river before heading to our hotel to start catching up on some posting.