York Day 2

Wall Walk

We started our full day in York with a self-guided walking tour around the walls. York stands out as a walled city that has walls that you can actually walk along most of the way around the city.

At the start of our walk, we got some views of River Ouse, which we had walked along the day before. We also, later, got a pretty good view of the York Minster, which is the very large church in the city.

We also came across several bars, like the Micklegate Bar pictured here.

Some of the bars, like this one, had a section where people who were trying to attack the city could be trapped by a portcullis.

We came across one point where there aren't any walls because this part of the city was originally defended by Clifford's Tower, which we checked out.

And at another point, there aren't walls because that section of the city was defended by the River Foss. This river was pretty green and slimey but still somewhat picturesque.

Towards the end of our wall walk, we also saw some Roman ruins that dated back to around 70 A.D. (The city was first inhabited by Romans, then Vikings, and then the British.)

This is my favorite photo from our wall walk. See if you can spot Dylan!

Some More York Exploring

After we finished our complete wall walk, which was about 2.5 miles, we decided to venture into the center of town to get a closer look at the York Minster.

Outside the Minster, we also checked out this old Roman column and a cool statue.

We also returned to the Shambles, where I got this silly picture with the broom parking outside of "The Shop That Must Not Be Named."

Possibly most importantly, we picked up some fudge from a shop that had been closed the evening before. They were making it fresh in the shop, which smelled delicious!

Posting in the Gardens

At this point in the day, we decided to pick up the laptop from our hotel and head to the Museum Gardens. I caught up on posting and Dylan read as we sat on a bench in front of the ruins of St. Mary's Abbey, which was built in the 11th century! We also got to enjoy some people watching.

After completing quite a few posts, we rewarded ourselves to an auhentic afternoon tea at a nearby cafe.

Dinner and Drinks by the River

For dinner, we got shwarma wraps from a restaurant called Middle Feast (yes, more excellent puns). They weren't as good as what we have had in Germany and Amsterdam, but they were lightyears better than what we had on Railay in Thailand.

And we ended our day on quite a highlight at a pub called the King's Arms, which had tables right along the river. We chose the place because of the view but we stayed for a second round because the pints were less than 2.5 pounds! (We have been paying closer to 6 pounds for a lot of beers in the UK and Ireland.)

The bar was also unique because they had all these signs up about how swearing and using any phones, tablets, or laptops was not allowed. I later looked up the pub's reviews on Google and got quite a few chuckles reading through a ton of great reviews (saying that the beer was so cheap that they were buying strangers drinks) and a few really bitter ones (saying that they couldn't believe they got kicked out for checking their text messages.) I guess they were serious about their rules!